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Professional Event Medical Cover

Southwest Medical Services provides professional, affordable medical cover. The staff allocated to events are employed by NHS ambulance services thus ensuring the highest standards and most up-to-date protocol. They use their skills on a daily basis so should they be called upon at your event, the incident will be managed and patient treated promptly, effectively and professionally.

We specialise in providing small numbers of highly trained medical staff to high risk events to compliment first aid staff as well as covering smaller events and film/TV work. We have full access to 4x4 vehicles if required and supply the necessary equipment for anything from motor and extreme sports to equestrian events and flower shows.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your medical cover requirements or complete a no obligation medical cover application in order to get a quote from the sub-menu.

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Medical Tent

A 3x3mtr commercial grade gazebo style tent marked as ‘Medical Support’. Medical tent includes an examination couch and seated treatment & assessment facilities and privacy. Minimum crew for a medical tent is 2 first aiders as one must stay with the tent at all times.

We recommend that 3 medical staff attend so there is adequate effective cover at all times

First Aider

Most of our first aiders hold a minimum grade of ambulance service Emergency Care Assistants (ECA) or IHCD First Person on Scene (FPOS).

They don’t just hold qualifications, they use their skills regularly meaning you get confident and competent staff to deal with medical incidents at your event. ALL our first aiders have actually treated critically unwell patients, including those in cardiac arrest.

First aiders bring with them a standard first aid kit that contains resuscitation equipment, a range of sterile dressings and basic observation tools. A defibrillator is provided as standard with any grade of staff.


All Paramedics are state registered and work for NHS Ambulance Services. They bring years of front line A&E experience with them to your event. Gold standard to any event but particularly useful for high risk activities where injury or illness is likely.

Paramedics are supplied with comprehensive kit that contains advanced airway management, cannulation kit, fluid therapy, defibrillator and diagnostic equipment, comprehensive drugs bag and Oxygen. Entonox and spinal & fracture immobilisation equipment can be provided if a Medical Response Unit (MRU) is also requested.

Land Rover 4x4 Response Unit

We have a Land Rover Defender 130 4x4 medical support vehicle. It is fully equipped with mud tyres, full communications systems, blue and amber LED emergency warning systems and siren. It has chapter 8 compliant full rear chevrons and self-recovery equipment.

This vehicle is multi-purpose and allows us to fulfil a number of roles:

  • to transport medical personnel and equipment to hard-to-reach areas for public events, supporting emergency services during off-road incidents and providing community medical services during extreme weather.
  • capable of extracting a patient from an extreme environment to an awaiting road ambulance or treatment area using a rescue basket, spinal board, vacuum mattress or a combination of all.

As well as providing independent medical support we are also extremely happy to support voluntary services, first aid or standard ambulance provision at high risk events or those being held over extreme terrain.

Medical Support Unit

Our medical support unit allows us to provide clinical support in privacy and away from the elements. It’s equipped with a couch, seated treatment area and a separate staff and control area with workspace and kitchenette enabling us to remain self-sufficient during remote events or those run over long or multiple days. Depending on location the unit is powered by electric hook-up, petrol generator or 12v battery and inverter.