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Professional First Aid Training

First Aid

We have been providing first aid and defibrillation training since 2007. All our trainers are either qualified medical professionals or current emergency services personnel.

We believe that first aiders, whether in the workplace, on the streets or at home can be instrumental in saving lives. A report published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that up to 85% of preventable deaths had the potential to survive if simple measures that a first aider could have performed were implemented.

At Southwest Medical Services we believe in providing and facilitating the highest quality, affordable and enjoyable first aid and defibrillation training. We bring the real life factors into your first aid training through our instructor's extensive experience. This adds relevance, realism and humour (where appropriate) to the course and gives you the confidence to deliver the skills when they're really needed.

We have a full range of training aids that include full audio visual equipment and resuscitation mannequins for a maximum ratio of 1:3 students.

Workplace First Aid

We offer three workplace first aid training courses, all regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

Paediatric First Aid

Courses for those working and living with children and young people.

Basic Life Support

Simple but effective training aimed at those wishing to learn the most basic first aid skills.

Refresher Courses

Other Courses

Our experience in pre-hospital emergency care allows us to deliver both standard and specialist courses. If you require something more, please get in touch for an informal chat.